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Timely service
Thanks to our professional mobile workshop that is always available, Automar now offers a prompt repair service for marine engines, outboard and inboard. At the first sign of trouble or a drop in the performance of your boat engine it is possible to contact our workshops in Lavagna or Genoa, we will provide assistance in the shortest time possible. 

An accurate expertise of your hull and a correct verification and diagnostic of the engine will be carried out, in order to quickly identify the type of problem existing: the large warehouse allows us to guarantee the prompt delivery of numerous pieces and spare parts, but also new and used engines , diesel or petrol, at 2 or 4 times, all available in different powers according to the needs.


After -sales assistance, the experience of our mechanics added to periodic maintenance services guarantee an excellent performance and duration of the engines beyond expectations.
In this way we limit malfunction accidents to a minimum. The marine engine is a burst engine that must be protected and equipped with the most resistant components to corrosion such as stainless steel, painted with products more resistant to the corrosive action of weather and salted water.
Periodic maintenance is essential for effective operation.


Automar headquarters are based in Genoa, and the company is also a dealer for marine engines. You can choose from the best brands before purchasing your marine boat engine, we have a selection of inboard and outboard engines, 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines with petrol or diesel power. Our staff will help you with the best choice of motor boat, whether you decide to buy  a new engine, or whether you prefer to opt for one of the many opportunities available on used engines. 

Genuine Parts

The high standards of design and strict control over the entire process of production over the spare parts ensure the highest level of quality and technology, fitted to each engine to ensure the maximum of performance. Also, the careful and regular maintenance, and eventual part replacement, will ensure economic and ecological benefits; reducing emissions, lower fuel consumption and unexpected intervention at the workshop. And your boat will be the quality that you desire.