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Marine and
industrial engines workshop

Professionalism and experience
of the passion for boating


Professionalism, experience and passion for sailing: these are a few of the words that describe our company. Our showrooms are fully equipped with the latest technology and machinery, we provide assistance for new and old engines, providing our customers with competence and expertise that sets us apart from other companies in Italy. We specialise in technical checks for new and used boats: we carry out audits and assistance on engines and marine gears. With our mobile workshop in Italy we can transfer and service boats. With our team of professional experts that are able to advise and assist you in choosing the most suitable solutions for your boat.

Marine engine service

We have 20 years of experience in the market. After acquiringthe business we had all of our services renewed and upgraded, with the help of skilled people  who have between them twenty years experience who can offer assistance all around the Mediterranean area.

(​August is also included)

ur two bases are in Lavagna and Genoa.


Yacht Crew Recruitment
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